Dangers of the dark web and deep web

What you need to keep in mind is that dark web is dangerous for those non-technical people out there. The reason is that the transactional goods on the dark web are generally your data. Once you access the dark web, there is a risk that hackers may access your personal data or credentials and use it negatively.

Avoiding the dark web

The best approach is to avoid visiting the dark web in the first place. It is also essential that you should not mindlessly click every website you come across on the dark web. Secondly, if you do end up surfing the dark web, it is vital that you should have anti-malware installed on your computer.
If you still cannot get rid of your curiosity, then you should consider using Tor browser to explore hidden websites on the dark web wiki. However, it is not advisable to risk your safety in the first place.

Things to know about the dark web wiki

The essential aspect to consider is that there are no site endorsements on the dark web. If you end up making any purchase from the dark web, then you are surely inviting a scam. The worst part is that many of the dark websites are trying to create the look and feel of the corporate sites.
Most users believe that they will be able to access the dark web easily. However, it is not the case at all. The user may need to log into the websites and apparently, it is not as easy as accessing mainstream websites.
If a user has to access a website, then a trusted member of the website may need to recommend you. If you access the dark, then it is crucial that your anti-virus should be up to date. The anti-virus services are capable of finding threats.

Exploring the Tor browser

What happens is that when you have a Tor browser, it tends to anonymize your web traffic by making use of the Tor network. As a result, it becomes easy for you to protect your identity online.
Most people make use of the Tor browser when they have to visit a competitor website. However, there is another essential thing you must keep in mind. When you browse the web using Tor, then the browsing may seem slow.
However, most authorities discourage the use of Tor browser. Tor has three proxy layers. The browser tends to connect to one of the publically listed nodes. The traffic gets bounced through a selected middle relay. Finally, the traffic gets navigated through the final exit node.
If you are living in a place that blocks Tor, then in that case, you can make use of a bridge. The bridge IP addresses do not get listed.
What you need to keep in mind is that Tor has its set of limitations also. You will come across lack of boundary traffic monitoring when you make use of Tor. Exit node eavesdropping is possible with Tor. The intercepted traffic can reveal lots of information. It is essential to have essential insight into Tor also so that you can avoid the risks and do not end up putting your data on the line. It will be a wise decision on your part.

What you should expect from Tor

What you need to keep in mind is that the anonymity offered through Tor is not perfect. The essential aspect to keep in mind is that Tor browser can get hacked and then it becomes easy to de-anonymize them.
Well, if we have to look at the positive side of the picture, then some people may use the dark web to maintain their freedom of speech. However, if we have to talk about things on a realistic note, then all reliable data is available on the clearnet so people should not risk their safety.
How organizations should seek protection from the dark web
As mentioned there are many tools like Tor that give a user access to the dark web. It is also essential that organizations should leave no stone unturned to seek protection from the dark web.
All reputed organizations need to understand the monitoring the dark web is a labour-intensive job. Well, this is why it will be a smart idea to outsource this job to a third-party specialist company that can manage this job on the part of the organization.
The organizations also need to have recovery control and incident response mechanism to address the threats. What these specialist threat monitoring companies do is that they parse the data.
The data undergoes normalization after the parsing step. As a result, it becomes easy to sort the data. Validations need to be run against the sorted data to ensure that it is accurate at the end of the day.
Most companies consider adding contextual information to the data to make it more refined.
Additional security measures that an organization should adopt
If you want to protect your organization from the dark web, then make sure that you opt for a free domain check also. As a result, you will get a fair idea if the credentials of your organizations are getting sold on the dark web and hidden wiki.
You should not be using the same password for multiple services. The reason is that it makes you more vulnerable towards hacking. Try using multi-layered solutions for your services.
The deep web and dark web seems to be an exciting idea for many. However, the sane decision is to stick to the clearnet as all possible information and insight is readily available on the clearnet.

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