What Is the Difference Between Dark Web Wiki and Deep Web?

The terms ‘dark web’ and ‘deep web’ are often used in the place of the other. Though they aren’t
always wrong in doing so, the two terms can’t always be used with the same meaning in mind.
There is also another term that you will need to know in order to understand the other two, and
that is ‘surface web’. You must want to know “what is the difference between the dark web and
the deep web.”
Well we are here to help you find out. We will also tell you what the dark web wiki and how you
can access it.

What Is the Surface Web?
The surface web is the indexed web we use in our day-to-day lives. It is also called the visible
web. The fact that it’s indexed means we can search its content using search engines like google,
yahoo, or bing. These are regular search engines that are used by well-meaning, ordinary people.
Though the surface web seems limitless, it only makes up about 0.03% of the Internet as we
know it.

What Is the Deep Web?
Now that you know what the deep web is, you can easily piece together that the deep web is the
exact opposite of that. The deep web is web content not covered by the surface web search
engines. The search engines are not indexed from the outside world.
It is the largest new information category on the Internet. The deep web is what constitutes the
other 99.97% not covered by the surface web. The total depth of the web is 1000-2000X higher
than the surface web quantity.

What Is the Dark Web?
Now that you know what the deep web is, one question still remains, what is the dark web? The
dark web is even deeper part of the deep web. The dark web is deliberately hidden from your
average search engines. It encrypts all of its information. You need special software,
configurations, or permission to access it.

The IP addresses you use are masked and only accessible with a particular web browser. Tor,
I2P, Freenet, etc., for instance. It is a small portion of the Deep Web (0.01 percent). But it is
generally focused on illegal activities and services, which make it impossible to access if you do
not know exactly which way you are to go.
It could be quite awful. Some people call it the darkest surface of humanity. Though it is
unsearchable by ordinary search engines, it is indexed in the dark web wiki which is more
popularly referred to as the ‘Hidden Web Wiki’ and can be navigated using that.

What Is the Difference Between the Dark Web and The Deep Web?
We have gone over the semantics of it, but you should still know some key differences to
understand the two terms fully.
 Deep web is usually used for legitimate, legal purposes. But, the dark web is normally
exclusively a hub for illegal activities, so it makes sense to seek anonymity. This makes
the dark web an illegal off-shoot of the deep web.
 In order to have access to Deep Web, you only need encryption or a password. But on the
other hand, you need a Tor Project or a similar browser to access the dark Web.
 Deep and Dark Web are both hidden from conventional search engines and are not
displayed. The dark web however can be navigated to an extent using the dark web wiki.
 The deep web is larger than the surface web, but the dark web only makes up a fraction
of it.

What Is the Dark Web Wiki?
The dark web wiki is an index of dark web websites. Many think of it as the “introduction” of
Tor. It looks like Wikipedia and has many connections to the onion using links. It includes links
to many illegal websites. Some websites on the dark web have been planted by law enforcement
but there are many actual illegal marketplaces on the dark web.
Bitcoins are normally traded for illegal goods or items as they are not regulated like regular

currency or traceable. Many things on the dark web for sale are shams that are designed to get
your bitcoins without keeping the promise.
Obviously, if someone really wants to purchase access, the victims of scams will receive little
sympathy. However, it does not make the dark web more harmful just because the services
advertised are in many cases just scams.

What Is the TOR Project?
To allow anonymized communication through the use of Internet traffic via a worldwide, free,
voluntary network of overlays, TOR offers itself as free and open-source software. The full form
of it is ‘The Onion Router’. It works on the principle of layers, like an onion. It creates layers
using over seven thousand relays.
TOR can disguise where a user lives and uses anybody carrying out network monitoring or
traffic analysis. TOR makes tracking internet activity more difficult and masks its users. Tor’s
was created with the intention of protecting the privacy of the users. TOR is often used then to
access and browse the dark web with anonymity.

Things to Consider When Using the Dark Web Wiki
Here are a few things you should be mindful of when navigating the dark web using the dark
web wiki:
 Do not visit websites you know are illegal and harmful, they can land you in jail or with
the wrong people.
 Do not access illegal materials that can expose your device to viruses.
 No files or software from the dark web should be downloaded because they often contain
Limit your searches to serious research.
Do not trust anybody.
Cover your webcam or disconnect them.
Disable java scripts for extra protection.

Now you know “what is the difference between the dark web and the deep web.” And you also
find out what the dark web wiki is. We hope you will use this newfound knowledge for good and
use proper precautions if you decide to look through the dark web wiki.

What Is Dark Side Of Internet, Deep Web Surface Web ?

What Is Dark Side Of Internet, Deep Web Surface Web  ?

You might have heard terms like the dark web, deep web and surface web and also dark side of internet being thrown around without actually knowing what they mean. Do you want to know what is the dark web, deep web, surface web and also dark side of internet ? They are three distinct terms used to describe and categorize the internet.
Today we will tell you what these terms mean and how you can differentiate between them. We will also tell you how you can use the dark web wiki to browse the dark web, which is often the most obscure and mysterious part of the internet out of the three.

What Is the Surface Web?
First, let’s cover what is the surface web. It is the most obvious of all the three and this is the part of the internet that we use in our everyday lives. The surface web is the part of the Internet that is easily accessible to the general public and searchable using regular web search engines.

By regular search engines, we mean popular engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Duckduckgo. The deep web is considered the polar opposite of this. The “Surface Web” or “Visible Web” refers to the portion of the internet that is indexed by search engines.
Even though the surface web, or the internet as we know it, seems vast and almost unlimited it only makes up a small portion of the internet. In reality, the surface web only covers 4% of all the websites in existence. This means a large portion of the internet is still unindexed and unsearchable for the general public.

What Is the Deep Web?
As we have already discussed, the deep web is the exact opposite of the surface web. You should have some idea about what the deep web is from that statement alone. To put it simply, the deep web is a segment of the dark side of internet whose contents are not indexed by regular web search engines.
The deep web’s content is concealed behind HTTP formats, and it includes many popular uses including webmail, online banking, and services that require payment and are covered by a pay wall, such as a video on demand, some online magazines and newspapers, and many others.

The deep web’s content can be found and accessed through a direct URL or IP address, but it may require a password or other security access beyond the public website page. This is the part of the internet that covers the rest of the 96% of the internet.
As you can see, most of the content on the deep web is perfectly legal and is hidden from search engines for security purposes. But that is not true for all of it, as we will see in the next section.
What Is the Dark Web?
Surface web and deep web are polar opposites of each other, but the dark web is simply a part of the deep web. The dark side of internet is a branch of the Deep Web that relies on trusted peer connections and can only be accessed with advanced software, resources, or equipment.

This makes the dark web harder to access, as its users want to limit its accessibility to the general public and value their own privacy. Tor and I2P are two common tools for this. These programs are well-known for ensuring user privacy.
The most direct way to find sites on the Dark Web once logged into Tor or I2P is to obtain a connection to the page from someone who already knows about it. You can also use the dark web wiki which has indexed many of the dark web websites.

It has a layout similar to Wikipedia and it’s not really a search engine, but only a wiki for the dark web. The Dark Web has become well-known as a result of media coverage of illegal activities taking place there.
The Dark Web is often used by malicious actors to communicate about, sell, or distribute illicit material or things such as narcotics, illegal guns, malware, and stolen data among other things. Accessing information, sharing information, defending one’s privacy, and interacting with others are all legal practices on the Dark Web, just as they are on the Surface Web.

To secure confidential sources, many news media use the Dark Web. Not every website on the dark web is illegal, nor does every single person on the dark web take part in illegal activities but this what the dark web has become notorious for. As a result, it often attracts more people with malicious intent.

How to Access the Dark Web?
The surface web can be accessed simply using regular, everyday search engines. Access to the deep web requires proper authorization, and this is usually for the safety of its user’s data and most people would not need access to that information.
But if you want to access the dark web, you will either have to be invited in or you will have to know where to search and how. One easy way to gain access to the dark web is to use the dark web wiki.

It is also sometimes called the hidden wiki.
The dark web wiki has listed many of the more popular websites on the dark web and can be used to browse the dark web, especially as a new user. You will also obviously need to use TOR or I2P as a browser and use a proper VPN service to browse the dark web.
On the dark web, you need to always value your privacy and security above anything else and be cautious of everything.

We tried our best to explain to you what is the dark web, deep web, and surface web. And now you also know how you can use the dark web wiki to navigate the dark web. But even TOR, the most popular browser for the dark web, isn’t completely secure and can compromise your information.
If you want to browse the dark web, we suggest you do more research about how to keep your privacy secure.

Reality Of The Dark Web Wiki And Dark Web

Criminal underworld and black marketeering of child pornography are becoming famous. It is becoming complicated for authorities to stop and investigate these things. No doubt, it is the darkest corner of the internet. The Dark Web Wiki (a part of the dark web) is becoming a leading platform for child abuse.
The dark web becomes a place where murder and rape are advertised openly. In this situation, authorities are powerless. Turbulent world of darknet, including the Hidden Wiki, is creating challenges for authorities. It is not possible to reach there directly from Google. There are special tools and browsers to access these websites.

Digital Underworld is Posing Challenges

The digital underworld got the attention of numerous web users (law-aiding). In an attempt of anonymous hacking into Lolita City, a site came on the surface the “Hidden Wiki”. It offers images of child abuse for pedophiles.
This anonymous hacktivists approached the hosting company Lolita City and demanded immediate removal of repugnant material. Their demands were unheard; therefore, they launched a digital assault (two-pronged) to force the company offline and breach the security system of Lolita City. They publically expose their login details of over 1,500 pedophiles. Anonymous claimed that you can’t support, promote or host child pornography.

Bid Deals about the Dark Web Wiki

This action grabbed attention in parts because of its presentation from anonymous. They were targeting government corporations and agencies for hacking. For many people, the Hidden Wiki is a significant culprit. Its openly available unsavory content was revelatory. This site is not helping pedophiles who are advised to create new and secured websites.
They are ready to work on new platforms to distribute images of child pornography. Remember, these platforms promote cyber-attacks, contract killing and money laundering services. You can purchase restricted chemicals from these platforms.
Remember, technically remarkable evidence or information is not available about the Dark Web Wiki. It looks similar to an essential website where users can update lists of URLs. These links are divided into categories for the convenience of users.
The hidden wiki is nominated as a market of wares and ideas for the dark web. Its operations are similar to the black market in the cyberspace, and it is working as an anonymous platform. Remember, people deal with wrong things on this platform because it is anonymous. They can put up ads to hire assassins and become a haven for the content of pedophiles.
Keep it in mind that hidden wiki depends on free software “Tor”. It is necessary to maintain anonymity and stay away from average web users. Internet traffic of Tor users bounced around an international network of computers. As a result, the source can obscure. The Hidden Wiki and other similar websites on the network require you to download and install Tor software. Remember, its actual location is obscured.
It is not possible to identify people on this website. You can’t find out with whom you are talking. For intelligence authority and police, it is not easy to investigate a case of contract killing or child abuse. Involvement of dark web can make things complicated.

The USA Government is Behind Tor

Unfortunately, Tor was invented by the USA government. Use of this software is legal in different corners of the world. It may help pedophiles to avoid detection. Moreover, it was helpful for dissidents of China and Iran to circumvent to some talented security engineers. These engineers are working with funding from the USA department.
It is not possible to access the deep web or dark web without Tor network. Authorities may lack skills to handle these issues, or they are bound legally not to do anything. Each security expert has a different point of view. Without any doubt, the Hidden Wiki and other similar websites are posing challenges to officials. They are trying to address this issue with the use of different methods.
For the safety of children, it is essential to identify these criminals. Unfortunately, the Hidden Wiki is an integral part of the underground internet. This world is entirely different from the surface web.

Understand the Mystery of Dark Web

The dark web is linked with numerous illegal activities, such as selling and buying of drugs, stolen financial data, firearms and valuable information. People get attracted toward dark web because they can handle different illegal activities without revealing their identity. You have to use the “Tor” browser.
It permits users to access .onion pages that are encrypted to increase your privacy. Remember, you can use Tor to browse normal website as an anonymous user. Tor browser will request to re-route connections several times before attaining their final destination. For instance, if you want to connect to a website in Spain while living in Singapore, Tor browser will route you to change your location.

A Platform for Good and Bad People

There is a misconception that only bad people use dark web. Remember, good and bad people can use this web at the same time. It is not possible to determine the actual depth of this web. The Hidden Wiki and other similar platforms may help you to trace the physical location of a person or an entity.
It is a secure method to purchase restricted herbs and games. For instance, it is easy to buy an old pot from the dark web. Old video games and harder drugs are easily available at dark web. No doubt, cybercriminals operate in the dark web to offer fake passports and documents. People may find professional services, such as assassinations.
Command and Control Infrastructure for Malware
Secretive nature of these platforms makes it easy to hide and host malware controlling links and servers. For instance, Cryptolocker malware is famous for encrypting documents of a victim for ransom. This smart malware can adjust the language and price according to the current location of the victim.
No impactful and particularly lasting solutions against these activities are available. The dark web is a safe place for the drug trade. You can find online (high-profile) outlets for drugs and illegal services.

Why the hidden wiki and similar platforms need Tor?

Tor can encrypt data and make you an anonymous visitor. Tor servers, proxies and clients use .onion. Remember, it is a top-level domain suffix for anonymous onion services or hidden services. The main purpose of Tor and this domain is to keep both the person accessing the data and the data provider anonymous. It will be complicated to trace these people.
Websites get an extra level of security with the .onion domain through EV HTTPS certificates. Tor network has proxies, such as Tor2Web to access onion services from other browsers. Keep it in mind that .onion gateways can give better trust and anonymity to users. Onion service and gateway may fingerprint a browser and access IP address data of the user.
A few proxies use special catching techniques to offer trouble-free page-loading. You will need special permissions and password to access a particular platform on the dark web. Before using any platform, make sure to protect your sensitive data. Your computer should have reliable anti-virus protection to avoid malware and hackers. Remember, if you visit the dark web, you can be a victim of data theft and other issues.

Dangers of the dark web and deep web

What you need to keep in mind is that dark web is dangerous for those non-technical people out there. The reason is that the transactional goods on the dark web are generally your data. Once you access the dark web, there is a risk that hackers may access your personal data or credentials and use it negatively.

Avoiding the dark web

The best approach is to avoid visiting the dark web in the first place. It is also essential that you should not mindlessly click every website you come across on the dark web. Secondly, if you do end up surfing the dark web, it is vital that you should have anti-malware installed on your computer.
If you still cannot get rid of your curiosity, then you should consider using Tor browser to explore hidden websites on the dark web wiki. However, it is not advisable to risk your safety in the first place.

Things to know about the dark web wiki

The essential aspect to consider is that there are no site endorsements on the dark web. If you end up making any purchase from the dark web, then you are surely inviting a scam. The worst part is that many of the dark websites are trying to create the look and feel of the corporate sites.
Most users believe that they will be able to access the dark web easily. However, it is not the case at all. The user may need to log into the websites and apparently, it is not as easy as accessing mainstream websites.
If a user has to access a website, then a trusted member of the website may need to recommend you. If you access the dark, then it is crucial that your anti-virus should be up to date. The anti-virus services are capable of finding threats.

Exploring the Tor browser

What happens is that when you have a Tor browser, it tends to anonymize your web traffic by making use of the Tor network. As a result, it becomes easy for you to protect your identity online.
Most people make use of the Tor browser when they have to visit a competitor website. However, there is another essential thing you must keep in mind. When you browse the web using Tor, then the browsing may seem slow.
However, most authorities discourage the use of Tor browser. Tor has three proxy layers. The browser tends to connect to one of the publically listed nodes. The traffic gets bounced through a selected middle relay. Finally, the traffic gets navigated through the final exit node.
If you are living in a place that blocks Tor, then in that case, you can make use of a bridge. The bridge IP addresses do not get listed.
What you need to keep in mind is that Tor has its set of limitations also. You will come across lack of boundary traffic monitoring when you make use of Tor. Exit node eavesdropping is possible with Tor. The intercepted traffic can reveal lots of information. It is essential to have essential insight into Tor also so that you can avoid the risks and do not end up putting your data on the line. It will be a wise decision on your part.

What you should expect from Tor

What you need to keep in mind is that the anonymity offered through Tor is not perfect. The essential aspect to keep in mind is that Tor browser can get hacked and then it becomes easy to de-anonymize them.
Well, if we have to look at the positive side of the picture, then some people may use the dark web to maintain their freedom of speech. However, if we have to talk about things on a realistic note, then all reliable data is available on the clearnet so people should not risk their safety.
How organizations should seek protection from the dark web
As mentioned there are many tools like Tor that give a user access to the dark web. It is also essential that organizations should leave no stone unturned to seek protection from the dark web.
All reputed organizations need to understand the monitoring the dark web is a labour-intensive job. Well, this is why it will be a smart idea to outsource this job to a third-party specialist company that can manage this job on the part of the organization.
The organizations also need to have recovery control and incident response mechanism to address the threats. What these specialist threat monitoring companies do is that they parse the data.
The data undergoes normalization after the parsing step. As a result, it becomes easy to sort the data. Validations need to be run against the sorted data to ensure that it is accurate at the end of the day.
Most companies consider adding contextual information to the data to make it more refined.
Additional security measures that an organization should adopt
If you want to protect your organization from the dark web, then make sure that you opt for a free domain check also. As a result, you will get a fair idea if the credentials of your organizations are getting sold on the dark web and hidden wiki.
You should not be using the same password for multiple services. The reason is that it makes you more vulnerable towards hacking. Try using multi-layered solutions for your services.
The deep web and dark web seems to be an exciting idea for many. However, the sane decision is to stick to the clearnet as all possible information and insight is readily available on the clearnet.